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Cycling in Dresden

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Cycling in Dresden is not only safe and fun but also the best way to explore the city. There are over 250 km of bike lanes and parks that make a sightseeing tour on two wheels simply amazing. 

One of the most beautiful routes is the bank of Elbe River where you can enjoy the landscape of the Elbe Valley. You cross the Elbe River via the Marienbrucke Bridge and make our way to a bike path that follows the Elbe River. The bike path becomes part of the Elbe Cycle Route (it’s a long road that connects Germany and Czechia).


You can explore the bank river till Radeberger Vorstadt and then move inside the Aubere Neustadt where you will find an amazing neighbourhood of Kunsthofpassage. It’s a series of linked courtyards off the main street – in a rainbow of colours – and all very picturesque. You will find a lot of art galleries, cafes and restaurants here.

Then you can go down to Innere Neustadt. This area is grungy and edgy but very cool. You will love riding the streets with graffiti everywhere. It’s also loaded with restaurants, offbeat shops and lots of bars.

If you are into museums, you should visit Japanisches Palais (Palaisplatz 11). The special exhibitions at Japanisches Palais are dedicated increasingly to the transcultural past of the museum’s own collections and will tell stories that once appeared to be hidden from us.

You can rent BZEN bikes at our partners – ListnRider (Dammweg 24) or 2Rad (Glasewaldstrasse 34). You will have free mobility and enough energy to enjoy more places in Dresden. Not to mention, riding a bike is also eco-friendly! Enjoy your e-bike ride in Dresden!

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