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When the bike is on stock, it takes 10 to 20 business days, depending on the country, to deliver our bike to your door. Shortly after placing an order you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received and is now being processed. Once we ship your order, you will be provided with a track and trace code via email.
Due to high demand the delivery time might be extended, please contact our customer support for more information about delivery.

Once your order has been shipped we will send you a confirmation email containing a tracking link and estimated delivery date. From the point of shipment, we no longer have control of when exactly your order will be delivered. To get the latest information on your delivery, enter your tracking number on the webpage of the transport company ‘Raben’.

However, please note that the transport company will also contact you by phone at least on day in advance to arrange the exact day of delivery. All previous dates are only estimates – so it is better not to take the whole day off before the transport company has contacted you.

BZEN offers you a 30 days test ride.
If you hesitate to buy a BZEN because you are not sure you will like it, we are happy to offer you 30 days to ride the bike of your choice. Order it, have it delivered to your home and if you do not like it, you may return it during the first 30 days free of charge. You will be fully refunded.

Your bike will be ready to ride in a minute. Simply take your BZEN bike out of the delivery box, take off all the protections, attach the pedals, fix the handlebar, and adjust the saddle to your size and you are ready to GO. For the assembly of the bikes, you’ll need only 2 regular tools. One Allen key number 4 and a flat wrench 15. These 2 tools will be delivered along with the bike. That’s it!

The instructions can be found on our website by scanning the QR code on the delivery box or directly under: manuals & instructions | BZen Bikes.

Our team tests every single bike before packing them with care. Nevertheless, if you see that your bike has been damaged during transport or if you observe a manufacturing fault, please contact our customer support directly at support@bzenbikes.com. We will assist you and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

For the assembly of the bikes, you’ll need 2 regular tools. Allen keys numbers 4 and a flat wrench 15. These 2 tools will be delivered along with the bike. That’s it!

We deliver to your door within the EU. For deliveries outside the EU please contact our customer support at support@bzenbikes.com

For our BZEN Bikes you have the choice between our standard battery with 7Ah/252Wh and the larger one with 10Ah/360Wh. Depending on the terrain and assist mode used, the 252Wh battery offers assistance for 35-75km and is perfect for your city rides. The 360Wh battery has 50% more capacity and can provide assistance up to 90km. It is therefore useful when you regularly want to cover longer distances.

Both battery types are made with the latest available technology and use newest technlogy cells.  Combined with a high performance BMS (battery management system) this enhances the riding comfort and also guarantees a longer lifespan of our batteries.

To charge the battery, you must use the appropriate charger that is provided with the bike. You should simply connect the charger to any regular power plug (220 / 230 V AC) and to the bike. The battery provides your bike with a range of electric assist around 60 km with the 7Ah/252Wh or 90 km with the 10Ah/360Wh battery. We recommend you to charge your battery when it reaches 30-50% charge. It is always better to not let your bike fully discharge. But don’t worry, if this happens this is not a problem. When the battery is at 50% charge, it will require only 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fully recharge your battery. When the battery is completely empty it takes about 3 hours.

Our charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is full. There is no risk of overcharging the battery when you forget to unplug it. The battery control system also protects it from undercharging. However, please make sure to charge your bike every six to eight weeks when you don’t use it. This will increase its lifespan considerably. Please also not that it is important to avoid charging the bike in sub-zero temperatures.

The battery is designed for 500 cycles, equivalent to approximately 30.000 km. After the 500 cycles, the battery still has approximately 75% of its original capacity.
To secure the battery lifespan, it is important to maintain the bike and to recharge the battery every 6 to 8 weeks when not used.

The battery is integrated into the lower frame tube and cannot be removed for charging. Our e-bikes are charged via a connection at the bottom of the seat tube. However, since our BZEN bikes are very light (from 15,5 kg), they can be easily carried to the socket. The battery can only be removed for repair or maintenance purposes. However, the fact that the battery sits firmly in the frame has some distinctive advantages.

In addition to the resulting lower weight of our e-bikes, this also allows us to have a very balanced bike when it comes to overall weight distribution and riding experience. This means that all the weight is not in the back or too much in the front, as is the case with many traditional city e-bikes. This makes riding our bikes safer, as you won’t lose easily your balance while sitting on the bike or getting off. The lightness and balance also allows you to ride our bikes without any assistance and offers a riding experience similar to that of regular unassisted bikes. In addition, the integration of the battery protects it better from the elements. Moreover, it just cannot be stolen.

Yes. Although the battery is fully protected inside the frame, temperature can affect the battery. You can certainly ride your BZEN in the winter but please note that below zero degrees Celsius, as it is the case for all batteries, the performance of the battery is reduced. Therefore, the bike should ideally be stored above 0 degree Celsius, insofar possible. Above all, it is important to avoid charging the bike in sub-zero temperatures.

Higher, summer temperatures can affect the performance of the battery as well. We suggest not to store the bike in full sun. Like all modern electronic equipment our batteries are protected from overheating by internal thermal sensors, but a good rule of thumb is not to let expose batteries to extreme heat.
As part of BZEN proprietary technology, all the bikes are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS will automatically optimize battery discharge and battery re-charge, avoid battery overheat and energy losses while securing the necessary power required by each component: motor, motor controller, lights.

Yes. BZEN is one of the very few bike brands that designs, engineers and assembles their bikes at their very own workshop in Europe. The workshop is located in Masovia, Poland. We are proud at BZEN to make European bicycles.

Because our bicycles are handcrafted in Europe, our engineers fully optimized the frame and each of the components to refine their integration, enhance their performance and reduce the bike weight.

Because our bicycles are handcrafted in Europe, our engineers fully optimized the frame and each of the components to optimize their integration, enhance their performance and reduce the bike weight.

Yes. BZEN bikes are certified and EN-15194 compliant with the electrically power assisted bicycles European regulation.

In most countries, you do not need a license plate nor insurance to ride your BZEN bike on the road. You may use the paths that are specially reserved for bicycles. For all safety, we recommend you to check with your local regulation.

If a local bike shop or one of our service centers can do the repair, they will inform you about the repair time.

In case your bike has to come back to our own workshop, it takes about 2-3 weeks from the moment on we receive the bike to do the technical tests, carry out the repairs and deliver the bike back to your place.

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