Assembly instructions:

  1. Tools are packed in the box with charger.
  2. Remove all the protection materials from the bike
  3. Using tool A unscrew all four bolts from the handlebar stem face plate.
  4. Place the handlebar in the stem. Using tool A screw in the stem, face plate with all four bolts. Make sure the handlebar is in the center of the stem.
  5. Check the alignment of the handlebar towards the front werk and center of the stem.
  6. Pedals are marked left (L) and right (R).
  7. Using tool B screw in the pedals according with the directions below. Pedals need to be tightened firmly.
  8. Adjust the height of the saddle
    using tool A.


cables inside the frame

change of rear carrier mounting elements

charging sockets

how to charge





Mounting wheel