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BZEN brand and our e-bikes

We at BZEN (pronounced “be zen”) are a team of friends, engineers in search of new solutions to freely commute in our cities. Go to work, go to the bar, go shopping, all without constraint, without traffic jams, or sweat… and fast!

At BZEN, we design smart-electric assisted city bikes for safe, clean, comfortable and sweat-free commuting. A new way to enjoy our cities.

BZEN is a seamless creation of minimalistic aesthetic and precise engineering.

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Yes. BZEN is one of the very few bike brands that designs, engineers and assembles their bikes at their very own workshop in Europe. The workshop is located in Masovia, Poland.

We are proud at BZEN to make European bicycles.  Because our bicycles are handcrafted in Europe, our engineers fully optimized the frame and each of the components to refine their integration, enhance their performance and reduce the bike weight.

Yes. BZEN bikes are certified and EN-15194 compliant with the electrically power assisted bicycles European regulation. You can find the declaration of conformity here.

We offer three different models where each of them has its own and different style. 

Our Amsterdam e-bike is modern and has the timeless design of a traditional city bike. It stands for pure comfort. On our Amsterdam you have well balance and upright-seated position.
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Our Brussels e-bike is a comfortable, modern urban commuter. Its’ geometry is exactly for environments which are mostly flat but can also sometimes be quite hilly. Our Brussels provides a slight forward sitting position.
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Our Milano e-bike is the sporty one, with a carbon fork, a straight handlebar, and a geometry that makes it highly responsive.
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BZEN bikes are designed for a maximum weight load of 140 kg. The maximum weight load is derived from the weight of rider, bicycle, gear (helmet, panniers, shoes, clothes) and luggage.

The frame number, in our case called BIN (bike identification number), is always mentioned on your invoice.

For our 2021 models, the number is engraved on the downside of the frame where the bottom bracket is situated. It can be seen when you remove the protective plastic cable cover.

For our previous 2019 and 2020 models, you can find the BIN near the left dropout.

Battery & e-system

The torque sensor of our e-system measures the power that you exercise on the pedals and at what frequency you pedal. He then adapts its assistance accordingly. The assistance will increase steadily along with the pedalling force.
When it becomes more difficult to pedal, for instance due to a hill, or when you push harder to increase your speed, the motor will recognize that you have a harder time to ride or you want to go faster and will increase its assistance.
Because the power output increases with the pedalling force, our bikes convey a very intuitive riding sensation. 

Our e-bikes comply with the European regulation EN15194. The motor therefore has a maximum standard speed of 25 km/h and a 250 W nominal power limitation. However, it is easily possible to go faster without assistance because the motor does not give any resistance, also above the speed of 25 km/h.

There are five levels of support that each of our riders can choose of. The higher the level of support (from 1-5), the more strongly the motor will assist.

Yes, our bikes come with a walk assist. However, all our bikes are very light -from 15,5 kg on – such that they are as light as some other normal bikes. Therefore, our bike in most situations can be easily pushed without the additional assist.

For our BZEN Bikes you have the choice between our 7Ah/252Wh battery, which is perfect for the city and the extra power battery with 10Ah/360Wh. Depending on the terrain and assist mode used, the 7Ah/252Wh battery offers assistance for 35-75km and is perfect for your city rides. The 10Ah/360Wh battery has 50% more capacity and can provide assistance up to 90km. It is therefore useful when you regularly want to cover longer distances. 

Both battery types are made with the latest available technology and use newest technology cells. Combined with a high performance BMS (battery management system) this enhances the riding comfort and also guarantees a longer lifespan of our batteries.

The battery is integrated into the lower frame tube and cannot be removed for charging. Our e-bikes are charged via a connection at the bottom of the seat tube. However, since our BZEN bikes are very light (from 15.,5 kg), they can be easily carried to the socket. The battery can only be removed for repair or maintenance purposes. 

However, the fact that the battery sits firmly in the frame has some distinctive advantages. 

In addition to the resulting lower weight of our e-bikes, this also allows us to have a very balanced bike when it comes to overall weight distribution and riding experience. This means that all the weight is not in the back or too much in the front, as is the case with many regular city e-bikes. This makes riding our bikes safer, as you won’t lose your balance while sitting on the bike or getting off. The lightness and balance also allows you to ride our bikes without any assistance and offers a riding experience similar to that of regular non electric assisted bikes. In addition, the integration of the battery protects it better from the elements. Moreover, it just cannot be stolen.

Yes, the integrated battery can be replaced and repaired if this is necessary. Our bikes and their frames are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop as well as our official service centers can easily remove and replace the battery. If any problem occurs within the two-year guarantee period, the costs for it will be covered by BZEN. 

It is hence also possible to get a new and fresh battery as well as to switch from the standard 7Ah/250Wh to the larger 10Ah/360Wh battery. Please contact our customer support via for further information in this regard.

To charge the battery, you must use the appropriate charger that is provided with the bike. You should simply connect the charger to any regular power plug (220 / 230 V AC) and to the bike. 

The battery provides your bike with a range of electric assist up to 60 km with the 7Ah/252Wh or up to 90 km with the 10Ah/360Wh battery. We recommend you to charge your battery when it reaches 30-50% charge. It is always better to not let your bike fully discharge. But don’t worry, if this happens this is not a problem. When the battery is at 50% charge, it will require only 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fully recharge your battery (for the 7Ah). When the battery is completely empty, it takes about 3 hours (for the 7Ah).

Our charger will automatically stop charging when the battery is full. There is no risk of overcharging the battery when you forget to unplug it. The battery control system also protects it from undercharging. 

However, please make sure to charge your bike every six to eight weeks when you don’t use it. This will increase its lifespan considerably.

Please also not that it is important to avoid charging the bike in sub-zero temperatures. 

When your BZEN bikes arrives, the battery is almost completely charged. However, before you go on your first rides, we recommend to check the battery load and recharge it for 1-1,5 hours. In this way, you will be sure that the battery provides you with the full energy capacity for the rides that follow thereafter.

The battery is designed for 500 cycles, equivalent to approximately 30.000 km (or 45.000 km if you have a 10Ah battery). After the 500 cycles, the battery still has approximately 75% of its original capacity.

To secure the battery lifespan, it is important to maintain the bike and to recharge the battery every 6 to 8 weeks when not used. 

Yes. Although the battery is fully protected inside the frame, temperature can affect the battery. 

You can certainly ride your BZEN in the winter but please note that below zero degrees Celsius, as it is the case for all batteries, the performance of the battery is reduced. Therefore, the bike should ideally be stored above 0 degree Celsius, insofar possible. Above all, it is important to avoid charging the bike in sub-zero temperatures

Higher, summer temperatures can affect the performance of the battery as well. We suggest not to store the bike in full sun. Like all modern electronic equipment our batteries are protected from overheating by internal thermal sensors, but a good rule of thumb is not to let expose batteries to extreme heat.

Yes, since our bikes are very light, from 15,5kg on, you can easily ride them without motor assist or when the battery is empty. It will feel like riding a regular bike.

Buying advice

Belt drives have the great advantage of being almost maintenance-free. In addition, they are lighter, quieter and cleaner than a derailleur. In short words your clothes don’t get any drivetrain dirt on them. In addition, this form of drive is less complex and has a longer life. The downside is that you can’t shift between different gears, which can require a bit more effort from you on longer climbs. 

Derailleurs have the advantage of giving you more flexibility when going uphill, as you can choose the gear that suits you best – with as well as without motor assistance. Also, any mechanic knows how to fix them. On the other hand, a chain is dirtier, heavier and requires more maintenance (e.g., cleaning, applying new lubricant, etc.). 

Bottom line: if you live in a hilly region and like to do some longer tours, a derailleur is more advantageous. However, if you live in a flatter region and use your bike primarily for commuting/riding around town, the Gates belt drive is a good choice.

It’s best to just try it out at one of our BZEN Ambassadors or official service partners: test ride | BZen Bikes

For our BZEN Bikes you have the choice between our standard battery with 7Ah/252Wh and the extra power with 10Ah/360Wh. Depending on the terrain and assist mode used, the 252Wh battery offers assistance for 35-75km and is perfect for your city rides. The 360Wh battery has 50% more power and can provide assistance up to 90km. It is therefore useful when you regularly want to cover longer distances.

To know which frame size is the right one for you, please check the geometry table for our different models. They indicate the frame size, which we advise for your height: 

geometry Amsterdam | BZen Bikes 

geometry Brussels | BZen Bikes 

geometry Milano | BZen Bikes 

If you have measured your height and you are between two frame sizes, you might consider taking the smaller one. In case the frame size would be slightly too large, you may not be able to adjust the saddle height correctly. 

However, the best is always to test the bike such that you get a better feeling for it. 

If you wish to test ride our bikes, they are available through our network of BZEN Ambassador’s and official service centers, which is continuously growing. 

You can find your closest test ride possibility under the following link: test ride | BZen Bikes 

Once you have chosen an ambassador or service center, you will be contacted within 48 hours to fix a date for your test ride.

If you hesitate to buy a BZEN because you don’t have an opportunity to test it near to you, we are happy to offer you a free 30 days return period for the bike of your choice. Order it, have it delivered to your home and if you do not like it, you may return it during the first 30 days free of charge. You will be fully refunded.  

Customization & Accessories

Yes, it is possible to mount a child seat on our BZEN bike but these are not included in our offer.
There are many different models that suit our BZEN bikes. If you want some further advise, you can always go to your bike shop around the corner or to one of our official service centers.

Trailers that are mounted via the seat post are always possible.

Trailers that are mounted over the axle are possible by means of an adapter for our M12 axle. Under the following link you will find a selection of currently available adapters: Adapters for BZEN bikes.

Just about any basket and bag should be compatible with our e-bikes. 

We recommend especially baskets and bags from AtranVelo. Since our carriers are also from this high quality Swedish brand, they have the smart AVS system with which any baskets and bags of this brand can be easily attached: AtranVeloSystem | Secure Attachment of Bike Accessories.

Ex works, we only offer the handlebar and stem combinations that are shown on our website and in our web shop. 

However, it is possible to adapt the stem or the handlebar afterwards. But please note that changing the stem or the handlebar will also change the geometry of your bike and might lead to a different riding behavior. If you still want to change the components, please write us under or contact one of our official service centers or a professional bike shop. We and our partners can provide you with further advice and/or help you with the change. We, however, do not encourage you to make the changes yourself as such actions require proper tools and experience.

For our models Amsterdam and Milano it is possible to switch from the Shimano 9-speed derailleur to the Gates single speed belt drive and vice versa.

We can offer spare parts depending on availability. However, please note that this can be costly and the conversion is time consuming.

The Brussels model is only available with the Shimano 9-speed derailleur and a change to the belt drive is therefore not possible.

Please contact our customer support at for more information on this.

No, this is not possible directly from our site. For our Amsterdam and Brussels models, there are already six different colors to choose from ex works. For the Milano, there are two. However, if you really want a special color scheme – please contact us, we will find a solution. Bear in mind that if you choose a custom color our 30 days return right will not be effective.

Depending on the request, it is possible to have a personal signature applied to the frame. Not all designs are possible, but we have experience in customized designs. For more information about the possibilities and the costs, please contact our customer support at
Please bear in mind that if you choose a personalized signature on your bike, our 30 days return right will not be effective.

Orders & Payment

You have the possibility to pay via bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex, etc.) or PayPal.

When you pay via bank transfer, you will directly receive a confirmation e-mail of your order, which includes also the payment instructions. Once your bank transfer is effective, you will be notify and your bike will be added to the production plan.

When selecting PayPal as payment option at the checkout, you will be directed to PayPal website to “Log in” and review the amount shown before clicking on “Pay Now”. Once this transaction is complete, you will be redirected to our website again.

For more information about payment, please follow this link: Payment | BZen Bikes

Yes, when choosing PayPal as payment option, you have the possibility to choose within your PayPal account the payment option “PayPal in 4x”. 

“Pay in 4X” is a credit allowing you to pay in four instalments for the eligible purchases that you made on our website using your PayPal account. An initial payment is made at the time of purchase and is followed by monthly instalments spread over three (3) months as from the execution date of your agreement with PayPal. 

The 4X payment is free of charge for the provision of this financing.

Yes, You have the right and possibility to cancel the order for your bike until the day it leaves our factory.
If you’d like to cancel your order, please contact our customer support at

In case, the bike is on its way to you or it is already delivered and you are not happy with it, you can return the bike free of charge within our 30 days return period.


We deliver to your door within the EU. For deliveries outside the EU please contact our customer support at

When the bike is on stock, it takes 10 to 20 business days, depending on the country, to deliver our bike to your door. Shortly after placing an order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received and is now being processed. Once we ship your order, you will be provided with a track and trace code via email. Due to high demand the delivery time might be extended, please contact our customer support under for more information about delivery.

Once your order has been shipped we will send you a confirmation email containing a tracking link and estimated delivery date., To get the latest information on your delivery, enter your tracking number on the webpage of the transport company ‘Raben’. 

However, please note that the transport company will also contact you by phone at least on day in advance to arrange the exact day of delivery. All previous dates are only estimates – so it is better not to take the whole day off before the transport company has contacted you. 

Yes, once your order has been shipped we will send you a confirmation email containing a tracking link and estimated delivery date. To get the latest information on your delivery, enter your tracking number on the webpage of the transport company ‘Raben’

Your bike will be ready to ride in a minute. Simply take your BZEN bike out of the delivery box, take off all the protections, attach the pedals, fix the handlebar, and adjust the saddle to your size and you are ready to GO. For the assembly of the bikes, you’ll need only 2 regular tools. One Allen key number 4 and a flat wrench 15. These 2 tools will be delivered along with the bike. That’s it! 

The instructions can be found on our website by scanning the QR code on the delivery box or directly under: manuals & instructions | BZen Bikes.

Our team tests every single bike before packing them with care. Nevertheless, if you see that your bike has been damaged during transport or if you observe a manufacturing fault, please contact our customer support directly at We will assist you and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If you receive a damaged box or a box delivered in the wrong way (e.g. upside down), we suggest you to take photos of it and check carefully whether your bike is damaged in any way or scratched. If so, immediately inform us on about it and attach pictures.

Returns & Refunds

BZEN offers you a 30 days test ride period. So if you hesitate to buy a BZEN  because you are not sure you will like it, we are happy to offer you 30 days to ride and test the bike of your choice. Order it, have it delivered to your home and if you do not like it, you may return it during the first 30 days free of charge. You will be fully refunded.  Days counts from the date of invoice.

Guarantee, Warranty & Repairs

Almost all repairs or standard maintenance can be carried out by any bike shop around the corner, as we only use well-known and reputable brand components.

You can also contact one of our official service centers as well as our customer support team under

If the repair falls under guarantee, BZEN will cover all the costs.

You can find all our official service centers here : Service center | BZen Bikes  

When your bike needs a repair within guarantee, the service center will forward the costs directly to BZEN and you won’t be charged anything.

If a local bike shop or one of our service centers can do the repair, they will inform you about the repair time.

In case your bike must come back to our own workshop, it takes about 2-3 weeks from the moment on we receive the bike to do the technical tests, carry out the repairs and deliver the bike back to your place.

Other Services

In-house, we do not directly offer an own insurance but you can get any bike insurance that you want.

If you live in Germany and are looking for the right insurance for your BZEN bike, then we recommend the flexible e-bike insurance of our partner hepster. Here you can find all information (in German):  E-Bike-Versicherung für Dein BZEN Bike 

If you live in Germany, yes. Here we offer you the opportunity to lease your BZEN via JobRad.

For more information on how to lease via JobRad, please check our website under Leasing – JobRad | Bzen Bikes or contact our customer support under

You have not found your answer?

Then write to us at to ask your question. We are happy to help! 

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