BZEN e-bikes are built for commuting. Go through our bike models and find the one with the perfect fit for your daily rides.

  • Milano

    The Milano e-bike is sporty, with a carbon fork, a straight handlebar, and a geometry that makes it highly responsive. Minimalist design with hidden battery and cables.

    Gates carbon drive belt

    14.4 kg

    60 km range

  • Amsterdam

    The Amsterdam e-bike is modern, with a timeless design of the traditional city bike. It is pure comfort with its curved handlebar, large handgrips, and its vintage saddle.

    Gates carbon drive belt

    14.6 kg

    60 km range

  • Brussels

    The Brussels e-bike is a comfortable, classic urban commuter. Versatile with a relaxed geometry and a curved handlebar, it provides a slight forward sitting position.

    Shimano Alivio 9-gears

    15.4 kg

    60 km range


    and simple

    The only thing you need to do is to turn ON your e-bike and set the required assist level on the LCD screen located on your handlebar. You are ready to ride.

    Integration of battery, electronics, and cables into the frame allows for a seamless and unique minimalistic design. The seamless simplicity and unique minimalist aesthetic design of the bike is preserved with the integration of the battery, electronics, and all cables into the frame. Not only does it look great, but also is safer and more resistant, as all parts are protected inside the waterproof frame.

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    no sweat

    The BZEN bike motor assists you on a personalized level. Thanks to the torque sensor, the motor assist will adjust depending on the power you exercise on the pedals.

    The bike’s torque sensor constantly measures how hard you pedal, and it defines the level of assist for the motor. The harder you pedal, the more assist will be provided by the motor. This will allow you to easily ride uphill. On the other hand, as soon as you stop pedaling, the assist immediately stops, and you will be able to instantly stop your bike by using the brakes. This way, you will always control your bike. Your ride is safe and you do not need to take care of your electric assist.

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    full comfort

    Top comfort level originating from lightweight design, saddle comfort, excellent handlebar grip and the bike geometry.

    BZEN bikes are light by design. Starting at 14.4 kg, they are among the lightest electric city bikes. This will make the ride easier and more comfortable, saving the battery from consuming extra energy due to extra weight, and allowing the rider to easily carry the bike over a few stairs if necessary. As the bikes are handcrafted in Poland, our engineers fully optimized the frame and each of the components to optimize their integration, enhance their performance and reduce the bike weight.

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    no grease

    There is no risk for your clothes becoming dirty while pedalling. The belt drive is a new generation alternative to the traditional chain.

    The Gates Carbon Drive belt offers a quiet, lightweight and clean grease-free alternative to the traditional chain. No maintenance needed, they last longer than chains. Pedals are perfectly made for working leather shoes or leisure footwear. A sandy paper is placed on the surface of the pedal to avoid your shoe to slip from the pedal. No spikes or metal that could damage your shoes. The BZEN bike allows for a safe ride with these anti-slippery pedals, its disk brake, reflectors on tires, and its perfect bike geometry.



  • A simple push to turn ON/OFF your bike and you are ready to go.

  • Direct reading of the battery charge.

  • 5 levels of motor assist. 3 Standard with max 25Km/h 1 & 2 Limited speed at 12Km/h or 15Km/h 4 & 5 Sport or Boost mode with max 25Km/h

  • Push 3 seconds on the arrow up to turn ON/OFF lights Also, lights turn ON automatically when it is dark.

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