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urban e-bike


When we were creating BZEN, we had consumers in mind, we had run several amount of tests and conducted surveys with our potential customers, people from big cities who travel every day to work and back. Using the results of that previous tests as a basis, we manufactured a smart electric bike, intuitive, light and solid, which became a perfect substitute to a car or public transport.
BZEN bikes are built to last. The handcrafted bike frames and all electronic components are certified at EFBE in Germany. BZEN unique battery management system secures high performance and low energy consumption, and provides an ideal range for city commuting.
BZEN bikes are the perfect combination of time-tested tradition and newest technologies.

bzen models

Due to high demand the delivery time might be extended up till April 2021,
please contact our customer support for more information about delivery.


The Amsterdam e-bike is modern, with a timeless design of the traditional city bike. It is pure comfort with its curved handlebar, large handgrips, and its vintage saddle.


The Brussels e-bike is a comfortable, classic urban commuter. Versatile with a relaxed geometry and a curved handlebar, it provides a slight forward sitting position.


The Milano e-bike is sporty, with a carbon fork, a straight handlebar, and a geometry that makes it highly responsive. Minimalist design with hidden battery and cables.

your intuitive e-bike experience


A simple push to turn ON/OFF your bike and you are ready to go.

Motor assist

5 levels of motor assist. Level 3 - standard. All levels assist to 25 km/h with increasing power (if you go from 1 to 5).


Direct reading of the battery charge.


Push 3 seconds on the arrow up to turn ON/OFF lights Also, lights turn ON automatically when it is dark.

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