Ivonne Elsner


Ich bin wirklich begeistert, wie wenig Kraft man aufbringen muss. Ein Passant konnte gar nicht glauben, dass das ein E-Bike ist, da er die Batterie nicht gesehen hat. Dass das Fahrrad ohne Kettenschmiere ist, ist ebenso perfekt. Ich habe es ein paar mal an meine Beine angelehnt mit gutem Gewissen, dass ich kein Dreck an den Beinen haben werde. Und das Allerbeste ist, dass es wirklich nicht schwer ist. Ich musste das Fahrrad ein paar Treppen hochtragen, um es in meiner Wohnung zu verstauen und dies war überhaupt kein Problem. Alles in allem bin ich mehr als begeistert



Tolle Verarbeitung, sehr freundlicher Service. Ich hab mich sehr umsorgt ge fühlt. Das Fahrrad fährt sich sehr angenehm und macht mir sehr viel Spaß. Ich kann mein Rad (Milano) nur jedem weiterempfehlen!

Tatiana Volkova


This was the solution for me to go biking with my 9 years old son. Now I bike even faster than him when going up-hill. So comfortable. I just love it.

Wilhelm Detry


I live in London. My bike was delivered within 2 weeks. It arrived in a big box with only the pedals and the handlebar that needed to be fixed. All the tools are in the box. I love how dynamic the bike is, especially to start from a red light.

Antoine Coipel


When I was asked if I could participate in testing a new generation of e-bikes, I thought why not. I live in an apartment in Paris and when I received my bike, it reminded me of my last delivery from Ikea...but simpler! I needed to assemble many parts. I had great assistance from the BZEN team but still, I am happy to see now they are sending the bikes all mounted. More than 7 months that I ride the bike. Just fabulous.

Julie Praet


I bike to work every day. I do not have a car. I always thought I would never have an e-bike. I’ve received a prototype bike from BZEN for testing last autumn and… I just love it! Now it is more than 6 months I use it every day in Brussels, I would not change it for anything else!

Alex Leyden


Awesome. This was the first time I biked an e-bike. So easy and beautiful.

Darek Mitura


Cool. Feels good. In terms of weight, it is like no other e-bike, so much lighter and easy to carry. Torque is more than enough to the city. The bike is comfortable and at the same time, stiff and precise. Pedals are great.

Anna Martin


Clean design. I love the battery and the cables are invisible, all inside the frame. The fact there is no oil and no chain, is just great. Now I can bike to see my friends without worrying damaging my clothes.

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