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About delivery and return

How long will it take to receive my order at home?

When the bike is on stock, it takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on the country, to deliver our bike to your door. Shortly after placing an order you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received and is now being processed. Once we ship your order, you will be provided with a tracking number via email.
If the bike is not in stock, then BZEN is committed to delivering your bike within one month from the confirmation of the order.

How to choose my bike and what if I do not like it? 

BZEN offers you 30 days right of return.
If you hesitate to buy a BZEN because you are not sure you will like it, we are happy to offer you 30 days to ride the bike of your choice. Order it, have it delivered to your home and if you do not like it, you may return it during the first 30 days free of charge. You will be fully refunded if the bike is in its original condition.

How will the bike be at delivery?

Your bike will be ready to ride in a minute. Unpack, fix the pedals and the handlebar, adjust the saddle and you are ready to pedal away.

Simply take your BZEN bike out of the delivery box, take off all the protections, attach the pedals, fix the handlebar, and adjust the saddle to your size and you are ready to GO. The instructions are printed inside the delivery box. If you require additional information, you can download a more detailed instruction notice on the BZEN website under the support section.

Our team tests every single bike before packing them with care. Nevertheless, if you see that your bike has been damaged during transport or if you observe a manufacturing fault, please contact our customer experience manager directly at  We will assist you and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Will I need any tool to adjust my bike?

For the assembly of the bikes, you'll need 2 regular tools. Allen keys numbers 4 and a flat wrench 15. These 2 tools are delivered along with the bike. That's it!

To which country do you deliver? 

We deliver to your door within the EU, Norway and Switzerland free of charge. (See detail list of Countries at the check out while registering your delivery and invoicing addresses).

About Battery

Battery capacity?

The capacity of the battery is 252 Wh with 36V and 7 Ah. Thanks to BZEN’s proprietary technology and electronics, the battery consumption is fully optimized and it allows an ideal range for city commuting. 

How to charge the battery?

To charge the battery, you must use the appropriate charger that is provided with the bike. You should simply connect the charger to any regular power plug  (220 / 230 V AC) and to the bike.

How often should I charge the battery?

The battery provides your bike with an average range of electric assist of 60 km. We recommend you to charge your battery when it reaches 50% charges. It will require only 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fully recharge your battery. And if you run out of battery, your simply pedal like you would be on a regular bike.

What is the battery lifespan?

The battery is designed for 500 cycles, equivalent to approximately 30.000 km. After the 500 cycles, the battery still has approximately 75% of its original capacity.

To secure the battery lifespan, it is important to maintain the bike and to recharge the battery every 6 to 8 weeks when not used.

How can I remove the battery from the frame?

BZEN has designed its frames and its battery for easy maintenance. All the electronic components inside the bike are connected with waterproof plugs. Any professional bike shop will easily remove the battery from the bottom of the frame, and in case it would be needed, he will replace it. You may also directly contact BZEN service by writing to

Does weather affect the battery?

Yes. Although the battery is fully protected inside the frame, temperature affects the battery. Certainly below zero degrees Celsius, the performance of the battery is reduced. And below 10 degrees Celsius, there is a high probability that the range of your battery is shorter.  

How can I optimize battery consumption?

As part of BZEN proprietary technology, all the bikes are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS will automatically optimize battery discharge and battery re-charge, avoid battery overheat and energy losses while securing the necessary power required by each component: motor, motor controller, lights.

The level of electric assist has an important impact on the battery range. Normal electric bike assist is equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 bars on the BZEN LCD controller. To provide a larger variety of assist, BZEN as a sport mode and a boost mode respectively with 4 or 5 bars set on the LCD screen. These 2 modes are consuming more electricity and shorten the battery range.

About bikes and certification

Is it true that BZEN bikes are made in Europe?

Yes. BZEN is one of the very few bike brands that design, engineer and hand make its frames in Europe. The workshop is located in Silesia, Poland. 
At BZEN, we are proud to make European bicycles. Not only the frames but also every electronic component is designed and manufactured in Europe.
Because our bicycles are handcrafted in Europe, our engineers fully optimized the frame and each of the components to optimize their integration, enhance their performance and reduce the bike weight.

Are BZEN bikes Certified?

Yes. BZEN bikes have been tested by an independent and recognized institute in Germany. They are Certified EN-15194:2018 by the institute EFBE Pruftechnik GmbH at Waltrop and fully compliant with the electrically power assisted bicycles European regulation.

Do I need a license or insurance?

In most countries, you do not need a license plate nor insurance to ride your BZEN bike on the road. You may use the paths that are specially reserved for bicycles. For all safety, we recommend you to check with your local regulation.

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